Program committee

Eileen Kin & Shirley Semonchik


Email Communications & Graphic Invitations

Barbara Pattee & Sara Gilstrap


Barb Money

Ways and Means

Victoria Boswell

Yearbook Editor

Sherrie Denton

Officers & Chairs  2015- 2016

Colorado Springs    Chapter 95

 Ikebana International

Proof Reader

Tempe Manners


Carol Macon

FAC Liaison

Kay Klunder & Eileen Kin

Financial Auditor

Stan Miedich

Yearbook Cover Design

Ikebana 95 Web Designer

Sara Gilstrap

Committee Chairs & Assistants

Kathy Shafer, President

Welcome to Ikebana Chapter 95 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In Friendship Through Flowers,

Kathy Shafer

Chapter President