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A Message from Our Chapter President:

Welcome to Ikebana Chapter 95 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We invite you to join with us in practicing the art of Ikebana.  Our members are composed of enthusiastic gardeners, artists, designers and those who appreciate the simplicity of Ikebana in all of its unique schools.

Our annual schedule of Ikebana programs and demonstrations are mixed with Japanese cultural programs. Ikebana Chapter 95 is a center for Japanese floral arranging, flower and art shows, Ikebana Exhibits and Guests Teachers from September through May every year.

Ikebana is focused on the interpretation of the world of nature and through our Chapter, we establish a foundation for the continual learning and mastery of floral art.

Please accept our invitation to attend our meetings as a guest and hopefully become a member of our Chapter, we welcome you in the spirit of Ikebana.

In Friendship Through Flowers,

Aurora Glaze

Chapter President