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A Message from Our Chapter President

Welcome as we celebrate 50 years of membership in Ikebana International

In our 50th year, Chapter 95 has a ‘new place’ and a ‘new time’ to meet.

•  The Broadmoor Community Church at 315 Lake Avenue

•  Tea time begins at 12:00 PM• Program begins at 12:30 PM

The purpose of Ikebana International is to stimulate and cultivate the

study of Ikebana, related arts, and culture throughout the world and to

strengthen relationship among teachers and students of Ikebana.

•  Ikebana International was established in 1956. 

•  The Colorado Springs chapter 95 was chartered in 1966.

•  Colorado Springs Ikebana Chapter 95 celebrates its Golden Anniversary.

As we reach our half-century milestone as members of Ikebana International,

we celebrate our longstanding commitment to friendship through flowers in the history of our chapter.

We welcome you in the spirit of Ikebana.

In friendship through flowers,

Kathy Shafer

Chapter 95 President