Program committee

Sharon Schriner, Bobby Bennett,

Sybil Klein, Shirley Semonchik,

Anne Bradley


Sally Metzger. Bonnie McAllister,

Michelle Sutton, Betty Roberts

Yearbook Editor

Barbara Pattee

Yearbook Cover Design

Sara Gilstrap

Graphic Invitations

Sara Gilstrap


Barb Money

Officers & Chairs  2017- 2018

Colorado Springs    Chapter 95

 Ikebana International


Carol Macon

FAC Liaison

Eileen Kin

Financial Auditor

Stan Miedich

Ikebana 95 Web Designer

Sara Gilstrap

Broadmoor Church Liaison

Sally Metzger

Ways & Means

Victoria Boswell & Laural Fanelli

Committee Chairs & Assistants

Deborah Demo, President

A message from our Chapter President

As I begin my first year as your President, I welcome you to the 2017-2018 year of Ikebana International Chapter 95.  To the end of promoting the practice and study of Ikebana and its related arts and cultures, our Program Committee has worked diligently throughout the summer to provide a slate of interesting, educational and enjoyable programs.  With your presence and participation, we will strengthen our relationships through our common appreciation of Ikebana and make this year a great success.  Please join us each third Wednesday, September – May (except December), at 12:00 noon for tea and social time, followed by the program at 12:30 pm.  All programs, unless otherwise announced, meet at The Broadmoor Community Church.  With joyful anticipation, I look forward to seeing you in September.

In Friendship Through Flowers,

Deborah Demo